Weerada Sucharitkul

Weerada is an international entrepreneur, building new, democratic models for film distribution and education.

Weerada is the CEO of FilmDoo, a platform using innovative technologies to bridge film content with edtech. Having lived in eleven countries across five continents, Weerada launched FilmDoo to bring together the three things she’s most passionate about: cinema, travelling and entrepreneurship. TodayFilmDoo is a global media company helping people to discover and watch great films, including hard to find award-winning shorts and documentaries. With a catalogue of over 2,700 films from over 80 countries, FilmDoo is a global leader in promoting diversity and helping under-represented stories around the world to get seen and heard.

Most recently, FilmDoo launched an edutainment platform helping people to learn languages and explore cultures through films. Based on a personalized recommendation technology, crowd-sourced data and user-generated demand, FilmDoo empowers viewers to take control of what they want to see, while helping emerging filmmakers connect with a global audience. To achieve all this, FilmDoo makes use of sophisticated metadata tagging systems, machine learning recommendation engines and automated image recognition software. 

Drawing on over ten years of experience across digital strategy and innovation, Weerada’s mission at FilmDoo is to disrupt the traditional film distribution model and create new language learning technologies. Weerada currently oversees the company's strategy, content, product and technology.


Weerada speaks regularly on a variety of topics, ranging from innovation and technology in international film distribution, to diversity, startup growth and women in leadership.

Her talks at major film festivals include Berlinale, Cannes, Venice, Edinburgh, Thessaloniki and Odessa, as well as at the University of Reading and the University of Cambridge, her alma mater. Weerada is particularly interested in how emerging machine learning technologies can revolutionise language learning and inspire cultural exploration through film.

Weerada’s work has been featured in Forbes, Variety and Screen Daily.

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