We might be a small team, but we’re extremely dedicated to what we do. Meet AC, Joanna, Anna and Victoria.



As founder of the Creatives' Catalysts, conference curator and consultant, AC boosts the development of innovative players and thought leaders in the creative industries.

With over 15 years spent consulting at THE MARKETING CATALYSTS, AC has both extensive on-the-ground expertise in and a deep understanding of the challenges of entering new markets at the intersection of innovative technologies and creative practice.

Having developed an extensive network of successful clients and project partners in AI, Blockchain, Neuroscience and Digital Media, to Film, VR/AR/MR, Design and Immersive Sound, AC’s cross-sector know-how forms the foundation of new venture THE CREATIVES’ CATALYSTS. An agency blending critical thinking, creative strategy and future-oriented research, THE CREATIVES’ CATALYSTS brings emerging thought leaders to speak to professional audiences around the world, sharing their unique insights into not only future trends, but the complexities of our present moment.

At THE CREATIVES’ CATALYSTS, AC leads a multi-disciplinary research team investigating new developments across technology, scientific research, academic discourse and broader cultural and societal shifts in order to identify speakers for stand-out industry events, as well as to conceptualize critical perspectives and narratives that turn conferences into sites of knowledge exchange and creation.

AC’s 360-degree view of innovation and change, as well as her background in the performing arts, make her a coveted speaker for major international events, presenting keynotes, hosting workshops and moderating thought-provoking discussions.

As a programmer, presenter and speaker, AC works with diverse conferences, from selected tracks to full programs, including Berlinale Talents, Cannes NEXT, EFM Horizon, Changing the Picture Technology Conference, CPH:DOX Cinema:Science, Falling Walls Venture, GamesCom, IFA+Summit, media tech hub conference, Silbersalz Science and Media Festival, VRnow… among others.

AC also regularly mentors mentors interactive and transmedia project teams with a focus on audience building and design for creative hubs such as the Tribeca Film Institute in New York, DOK Leipzig, PRIMI Pôle Méditerrannée Transmedia and The HIVE at The Camp in Marseille, story:first digital storytelling lab and Web First: Webseries Lab in Munich.

Based in Berlin, AC is also active in New York, LA, Zurich and Marseille. 



Joanna Pope is specializes in emerging technology research and conference curation. She has previously worked as a non-fiction content writer at Berlin-based startup Blinkist, and as public relations manager for coworking space betahaus and the Hardware.co accelerator program. Joanna currently studies general and comparative literature at the Free University of Berlin, with a focus on narratology and the place of science and knowledge in fiction. She is an Australian-German dual national.



Anna has over ten years of experience in programming and curating award-winning events. With a research background in the social sciences and a strong interest in the future of experience design, from IoT to gaming and immersive theatre, she conceptualizes and produces multidisciplinary initiatives that boost knowledge transfer, most recently as a curator of the 2018 Digital Cultures Conference, a program featuring 50+ thought leaders at the convergence of digital and cultural industries. In her role as international events manager, she coordinated a retrospective of digitally restored films, curated by director Martin Scorsese. Anna also writes for major Polish media and runs a podcast about the impact of new technologies on society.



After starting out with at a Berlin-based music label, Viktoria has worked in the culture and music industries for over seven years. She was a returning member of the team behind Feel Festival and Artlake before taking on a new role in artist care for the festival Monis Rache. As booker for Mint Berlin, Viktoria represents women DJs in the electronic music scene for gigs across Europe and internationally. Viktoria is a founding member of nudge, a collective dedicated to securing better working conditions for women and genderqueer people in music and the arts. At The Creatives' Catalysts, Viktoria's focus is in music/artist's management.


Our bespoke, boutique approach offers advantages that big, traditional speaking bureaus can’t match. This is why: 

1. We actually understand your work and vision.
We’re consultants specialised in strategy and business development for creative and innovative companies—and we’ve been doing this for over 15 years. So, we’re good at giving you frank constructive criticism to make your presentations the best they can be. After all, speakers don’t just need managers, they need sparring partners.

2. We know the challenges you face—we’ve dealt with them ourselves.
Our founder AC is a speaker, moderator and presenter in strategy, marketing and communications (not to mention a trained actor). We know the challenges that come with speaking, and we’re dedicated to giving guidance on content delivery and live performance that works.

3. We know how conference programmers and curators think, because we program and curate conferences. 
When we’re not consulting or working with speakers, we work as lead curators for a number of annual innovation conferences and industry events. We know what makes an attractive speaker, since we’re in charge of scouting and selecting them. We know the ins and outs of fees and conditions, because we’re responsible for negotiating these too.

4. As creatives, we speak your language.
AC is a multimedia, video and performance artist who has toured the world for nearly two decades. Anna comes from the world of film and digital media festivals. Joanna has her background in literary theory and copywriting for innovative clients. This creative side in each of us enables us to understand the unique working processes of unconventional thinkers.

5. If you need a coach, we can do that too.  
Last but not least, AC has a Life Coaching degree from the International Coaching Federation accredited ICA (International Coaching Association) and is a Professional Certified Coach. This means we always consider your work within the context of your own personal trajectory—we care about your life choices, not just your professional decisions. A strong ethical code, a deep understanding of human behaviour and compassion are the cornerstones of the relationships we build with our speakers.