Sookee is a rapper and queer-feminist activist.

Politics and parties? Queer feminism through hip hop? Subculture in the mainstream? Rapper Sookee turns these apparent contradictions into glittering intersections, creating the spaces needed to drive social change forward. Culture, Sookee knows, offers sharper diagnoses of our time than party membership books. With her fifth album Mortem & Makeup, Sookee pours out a documentation of contemporary political debates that doesn't just theorize, but carries the heaviest internal battles of ordinary people with it. Sookee is also a mother, antifascist and full of hope – by definition. 


Sookee's numerous speaking engagements include empowerment in rap language at the University of Düsseldorf and participating in the panel "Language of the music - inclusive or exclusive" at the ZEIT-Stifting in Hamburg.