Rinat Sherzer

Rinat is an ethical designer, social entrepreneur and professor. She believes the path to equal rights for all humans lies in conscious leadership and collaboration. 

Combining her interdisciplinary skills as a Biotech Engineer and Experience Designer, Rinat guides Fortune 500 companies as they develop solutions for positive social impact. She supports organisations in developing in-depth strategies to create new products, services, and brand stories. Rinat is based in New York and mentors women from all over the world, helping them reclaim their personal and professional power.

In her role of founder of Of Course Global, Rinat helps businesses enhance their innovation, creativity and collaborative capacities by implementing tools and frameworks that draw on scientific insights from biology and human-centered-design. Of Course Global’s clients include Microsoft, Capital One, and Pfizer, among others.  

Rinat holds a degree in Biotechnology Engineering from the Ben Gurion University in Israel and an MFA in Design for Social Innovation from the School of Visual Arts, New York. Before founding Of Course Global, Rinat led product and global launches for some of Israel’s most successful tech companies, including MediaMind—one of Israel’s biggest acquisitions to date.


Rinat has developed a unique methodology for conscious leadership being taught in universities and organizations around the world. She lectures on social innovation, gender equality and experience design at Parsons School of Design, Cornell University, Columbia University, Cooper Union, School of Visual Arts, College for Creative Studies and Bard College. 

Rinat regularly speaks at events around the world, including Better World by Design at Brown University & Rhode Island School of Design, Social Entreprise Conference at Harvard, Cornell’s Creative Sprint, the Leadership Conference at the University of Texas and the Women in Tech Conference.

At Lateral Talks in Cluj-Napoca in Romania, Rinat spoke about “The Art Of Unlearning”, giving an introduction to understanding users. She shared insights about the art of combining storytelling to pitch ideas in her talk about “Storypitching” at NYU.

In her TEDx Talk, Rinat shared a radical framework of integrating masculine and feminine qualities to build a thriving society—from successful businesses to empowering education systems to loving and lasting relationships. She is currently writing a book on her methodology to bring its insights to a global audience. 

Find out more about Rinat’s work in this article in LaIsha magazine (hebrew).

To hear Rinat talk at the upcoming SXSW 2020 about “Biomimicry, Speculative Design and Conscious Leaders” vote here.