Richard Warp

Richard Warp is a composer and pioneer in brain-computer music interfaces.

Richard Warp is a seasoned music industry professional with over ten years experience in designing music and sound for games, film and virtual reality.  Richard is the founder of intonic, a sound production studio specializing in cutting-edge tools and technologies, from linear production platforms to gaming middleware integrations, to custom generative music solutions and 3D spatialized audio. He is also a practitioner and published author in the field of Brain Computer Music Interface (BCMI) applications and works in collaboration with the scientific communities of UC San Diego and UC Berkeley. His recent work on BCMIs, most notably the installation NeuroDisco, were widely covered in the press and featured at numerous industry conferences. 

As senior audio lead at Leapfrog, Richard created music and sound design for hundreds of titles across Leapfrog’s interactive reading, gaming and toy platforms, and worked with major studios including Disney/Pixar, Lucas, Dreamworks and Cartoon Network. Richard is also active as a composer, with a portfolio of works ranging in scope from solo performance to large ensembles. His work has been recognized with awards from the American Composers’ Forum, the Zellerbach Foundation and the New Spectrum Foundation.


Richard's speaking engagements to date include keynote presentations and the moderation of panels at various events such as Music and the Mind in San Diego and SF ACM/SIGGRAPH in February 2018, a chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH