Onika Simon

Onika is a creative strategist, curator and the founder of SpokeHub.

After studies in philosophy and psychology, Onika left her hometown of London to embark on a career in advertising in New York. There, she developed innovative strategies for research, reporting and problem-solving not just to address consumer needs, but to explore how we can anticipate them. Her talent for connecting behaviour patterns with design opportunities, especially for teens and frequent travelers, has led to successful product, marketing and business innovations for Topshop, DeBeers, PepsiCo International, Diesel, Samsung, Levi’s, O’Neill, Adidas, All Saints and Red Bull. Onika's fascination with the aesthetic triggers for human perception and experience also led her to the art world, and in 2009 she founded ARTSHO, an annual international exhibition to raise funds for charity that began in Brooklyn before travelling to London, Berlin, Budapest and Istanbul.

In 2014 Onika moved to Berlin and founded Spokehub, a global network of independent creatives who meld their art practice with game-changing innovation in design. She continues to share insights from her unique and rigorous approach to creative strategy as a speaker at businesses, universities and international design festivals.


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