Gabo Arora

Gabo Arora is a creative director and UN advisor.

Gabo Arora’s work explores how new technologies can promote social causes and make decision-making processes more inclusive. Gabo is the founder of the United Nations’ virtual reality lab, the UN’s first-ever creative director and a current advisor to a range of UN agencies and other NGOs on the use of immersive media. Gabo directed and produced a series of award-winning VR documentaries focusing on vulnerable populations in crisis. These include Clouds Over Sidra, Waves of Grace and My Mother’s Wing, which premiered at major film festivals around the world, were screened at the White House and exhibited at the Museum of Modern Art's inaugural program on immersive storytelling. Gabo is also Founder and President of LightShed, an immersive media and social impact startup.

Gabo is a 2016 World Economic Forum Arts and Cultural leader at Davos and nominated for a term-membership at the Council on Foreign Relations in 2013 by Francis Fukuyama. His work as been awarded a Cannes Lions, a Sheffield Doc/Fest award for best documentary and has been featured in the New Yorker, the British Film Institute's Sight and Sound magazine, Fast Company, the New York Times, the Guardian, Vice News, Wired, NPR and PBS Newshour.


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