Erica Warp

Erica Warp is a neuroscientist, entrepreneur and educator.

Erica's passionate about applying the science of the brain to solve real world problems. By allowing us to detect cognitive states in real time and control machines with our thoughts, brain wearables will revolutionize gaming, consumer research, VR/AR/MR and performance training. These wearables also lay the foundations for a deeper understanding of mental health problems and disease through biomarker detection algorithms and personalized mental health insights. 

As product director at Babylon Health, Erica’s mission is to put an accessible and affordable health service in the hands of every person on earth. I her previous role of Vice President of Product at Emotiv, Erica played a vital role in the pioneering company’s development of cutting-edge brain wearables. As a speaker at industry and technology conferences internationally, Erica continues to share her vision for the future of technology and global health. Erica is also the co-founder of children’s neuroscience edutainment company Kizoom, a teacher and science curriculum designer, and a visual artist. 


Erica's work inspired a fashion line.

Join Erica's presentation at Wearable Technologies USA, on July 11th in San Francisco.

Erica was a panelist and moderator at SF ACM/SIGGRAPH in February 2018, a chapter of ACM SIGGRAPH.

"We can strengthen the brain but also create applications that will help disabled communities". Watch below Erica speaking about our future with brain wearables at IFA+ Summit 2017.