Antoine Cayrol

Antoine Cayrol is a visionary and pioneer in the immersive media landscape, taking both non-fiction and science fiction storytelling to a new height

Antoine is the creative producer behind Alteration, an award-winning VR experience which premiered at Tribeca Film Festival and featured at the Cannes and Venice Film Festivals in 2017. That same year, together with fellow Creative Catalysts speakers Fred Volhuer, Arnaud Colinart and Pierre Zandrowicz, Antoine co-founded Atlas V—a creative studio crafting immersive entertainment experiences in virtual, augmented and mixed reality. 

Atlas V works to combine the French tradition of experimental storytelling with cutting-edge video game workflows. As producer for Atlas V, Antoine creates immersive films accessible enough to reach wide audiences with either strong IPs, a stellar strong cast or renowned directors—and often all of the above. In 2018, the Atlas V presented Spheres, a VR interactive journey inspired by the iconic Pale Blue Dot image of planet Earth and produced by Darren Aronofsky. The series premiered in the New Frontier section at Sundance and landed a record seven-figure sales deal. 


Antoine is a speaker at international events, including World VR Forum, VR Days and Mutek

See Antoine talk about Sci-fi, VR and narratives of the future at re:publica 2017

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