Alysha Naples

Alysha Naples is an immersive experience designer and co-active coach.

Alysha Naples has worked on the bleeding edge of both technology and design for nearly 2 decades. In her previous role as Magic Leap's Senior Director of User Experience and Interaction, Alysha shaped new interaction modalities for the next generation of VR and AR interfaces. Alysha is currently the Chief Experience Officer at Tin Drum, a content collective working to push the boundaries of performance, storytelling, and education. Alysha has recently collaborated with the artist Marina Abramović, directing a segment of her volumetric augmented-reality artwork “The Life”. In September 2017, Tin Drum premiered “Tartuffe,” the world’s first volumetric XR short, which features 15 volumetrically photographed characters. 

As an international speaker, Alysha takes on challenging questions of future design, education, innovation, women in tech, and the role of experience in virtual and augmented realities.

Alysha’s core philosophy is that products are a reflection of the cultures in which they were created, and that transformative products require an investment in building and nurturing authentic and diverse work cultures. As the upcoming paradigm shift away from screen-based interactions provides us a valuable opportunity to reassess the role of computing in our lives, Alysha works to raise awareness about the importance of designing experiences for individuals that allow them to achieve their goals in whichever reality they choose.

As a young girl, Alysha Naples wanted to be an astronaut, a dinosaur or a Solid Gold dancer.


At the upcoming Venice Film Festival 2019, the world’s oldest film festival, Alysha will be part of the jury chaired by Laurie Anderson for the Venice Virtual Reality competition. Alysha will also be a speaker at Kyiv Media Week this September.

Alysha has spoken at events across the world, including Katapult Future Fest (Oslo, Norway), Pause Fest (Melbourne, Australia), VR Now (Berlin, Germany) and IDSA (Seattle, USA).

Watch Alysha's opening keynote at Digility 2016 (Köln, Germany)and DesignUp 2017 keynote Beyond the Screen (Bangalore, India).

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