Alexander Wodrich

Alexander Wodrich is one of Europe’s most renowned audio branding experts.

For over two decades, Alexander has created emotionally compelling brand experiences that engage audiences in unique ways. Today, he is the managing director and founder of why do birds, an award-winning agency considered to be one of Europe’s leading creators of holistic sound experiences for brands. The Berlin-based company is behind the research, conception and implementation of audio strategies for clients across the globe, including Hyundai, Volkswagen, SEAT, Deutsche Bahn, Siemens and FIFA. In addition to his leadership role at why do birds, Alexander also oversees experience design and motion design for their clients.

Alexander has spoken at over fifty events and conferences, sharing his expertise across a wide range of topics, ranging from sound-first marketing and sale design strategies, through brand communication in times of voice assistants to subliminal sound uses and the creation of immersive spaces. A frequent guest at automotive events, Alexander is also a sought-after speaker on the future of  in-car sonic experiences and designing for distinct audio branding in the e-mobility space. 

Alexander has been working in advertising since 1998, first at the Wunderman agency in Frankfurt, then at MetaDesign, Germany's largest branding agency. As a brand consultant, he collaborated with clients such as Volkswagen, Lufthansa, Allianz and eBay. In 2007, Alexander became the head of the Audio Branding and Motion Graphics division and a member of the management board of the agency.
A passionate musician, Alexander has played more than 100 concerts with his bands to date and has also recorded several records. In 2010, he curated the sound exhibition "Oggetti Sonori" in the Museum August Kestner in Hannover.


As an international speaker, Alexander shares his knowledge about audio branding at universities and conferences around the world, including the Industry Day in Berlin, the Transform Conference in London, the Entrepreneurs’ Forum on Design in Bayreuth, the Radio Advertising Summit in Düsseldorf, the Munich Creative Business Week in Munich.

During a session at the International Sound Awards 2018, as well as during the Reeperbahn Festival together with his colleague Sebastian Waschulewski, Alexander shared insights in their work on the Hyundai Pavillon for the Olympic Games in South Korea.

Alexander spoke about "Audio Branding in times of Alexa, Google Assistant and co." at the Voice Meet-Up as well as at the IFA – AS&S Radio in Berlins

Listen to the podcast to hear Alexander discuss The Future of Sonic Marketing and Branding at THE Venue, Berlin

Meet Alexander this fall at All About Voice Conference, the biggest voice assistant conference in Europe (October 11, 2019, Munich)