Adina Popescu

Adina is a philosopher, futurist and entrepreneur.

Adina creates platforms that integrate nascent technology in order to generate impact and to empower bottom-up movements. She is currently developing an immersive Platform called ÆRTH — a crowd-sourced, machine learning based news and content platform for the global good, visualised, interlinked and mapped onto one immersive model of the planet on web, mobile and in XR.

Having worked in the mixed reality space since 2012, Adina has a rich knowledge of immersive and interactive technologies. Adina is the founder of SNOWBLACK, a studio for VR & AR technology dedicated to building the future of how we experience content.

Adina also has a deep interest in nature conservation and was previously the creative advisor to Conservation International, helping the NGO to spark global engagement via immersive and viral storytelling, in particular through the VR experience “Valens Reef” created by WITHIN. Adina’s artistic work has been exhibited at Art Basel, Venice Biennale, Art Basel Miami, Palais de Tokyo in Paris.

Words from Adina’s collaborators

“I was first introduced to the potential of Virtual Reality technology by the Futurist, Adina Popescu. Adina Popescu's vision catalyzed CI's commitment to first exploring and then successfully deploying new technologies for communications and public engagement. Her deep understanding and experience with viral tools and new tech proved essential for our embracing of these next generation tools. And the response from multiple audiences has been extraordinary.”
— Peter Seligmann, Chair and CEO of Conservation International

“Adina Popescu is a highly-visionary artist in the field of new media and cultural experiences, and especially in the field of VR and AR. She is a true global and avant-garde thinker, able to cross over multiple disciplines, while never losing the sense for integrity and ethical guidelines.”
Dr. Marcel Reichart, EVP of Bertelsmann, Co-Founder of DL

Adina regularly speaks at events at the intersection of art and technology, lately at the Open Source Festival Congress, HumiX Social Art Convention, Unfinished in Bucharest and Mindchain in Cluj-Napoca, C³ Crypto Conference in Berlin.

“Blockchain is not an utopia but a heterotopia” - said Adina on a panel at Unfinished, Bucharest. Watch the conversation about empowering people and societies through tech and creative industries here.

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“To me, a Futurist is not so much somebody who tells you what the future is going to be, but somebody who informs you on all the possible timelines that we have” - watch below Adina talk about her work and the platform ÆRTH

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